galialady replied to your post: ;p

Was he drunk when he did it??

Hehe yes, definitely! I can’t think of any more reasonable explanation… or any other explanation at all :P

(The truth is I really liked the eagle on Buzz’s back (I think it suits him) and the brunette pin-up girl on his right forearm (it supposed to be a portrait of his lovely wife) and the hearts tattoo was a part of the same set. I know I could remove it in SimPE but.. well, I’m not gonna lie, I find it quite amusing :D ;))

Meet Mariusz Grunt. He’s the first grandson for Scholastyka and Andrzej (Stella’s adopted son), the third for Czesia, and the thirteenth for Buzz :)

Buck doesn’t look glad that his unmarried sister has just become a mother. But Buzz is happy, he wants to have more grandchildren than PT9 ;) I invited the baby’s father, Adam (who’s still at college), and his parents. I wanted him to be present at the birth so that he could bond with the child, but Adam and Zuzanna went straight to the hot tube and now she’s pregnant again.


Karol Grunt (Ripp’s son) is doing some shopping. Sorry kid, those boobs are not for sale.

Buzz has found a soul mate in his second wife. They are extremely close and do everything together.

Buzz and Czesia Grunt

Yes, Tank, that’s you wife. Deal with it.